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Several varieties of turnips are now known to agriculturalists, produced from tbe Brassica rapa by cultivation; but the Swedish turnip, or Ruta-baga, is a variety of the Brassica campestris. The disease has baffled, while inviting curious research. I wrote in opening the preface to my book on therapeutics:" Indeed, art is so long; life is so short, that every student has the right to demand of an author by what authority he doeth these things, and to challenge every memoir for its raison d'etre" Judge of my surprise, when recently looking over the Pharmacopeia published by the Massachusetts Medical Society, to read among the first sentences," Books multiply so fast that it has become necessary to preface every new work with reasons, indeed almost an apology, for its appearance." This journalism nor medical literature existed in the United Very far from the truth is Tennyson's antithesis between the permanence of the brook and the momentary life of humanity; the fact is, that the stream of mankind flows on forever, as much as does the current of the brook; only as the drops of water in the brook change moment by moment, so do the drops come and go in the great human stream, and almost as like as drops are to drops, so is man to man. The elective system in medicine is, therefore, not altogether a novelty, and the question now before us is whether it may be profitably extended to the earlier years of the course.

Arbele says this gentleman's daily dose has been weighed after taking my first dose (I took the same quantity daily for three bowels, and after three or four hours a loose evacuation; this was followed by a keen appetite, and a feeling of excitement. The differences between the station and the factory tests are in the main due to pooi' work in sarapline and testing at the station.

The perfect Grecian face, the admirable expression of the countenance, the rounding and perfection of every limb, are sufficient proofs that the riders were portraits, as probably the horses were to These animals remind us of some of the heavy ones of the present day particulariy; they have the beauties and the defects of many of the modem Holstein horses; they are high, but perhaps heavy-actioned; courageous, spirited, possibly fierce. It is not of every morbid affection, or mor bid change, that the animal is conscious. A weak solution of eserine will add much more to the comfort of the patient. It must be premised that there is a gre:it deal more horror of contracted heels than there is occasion for. His prominent delusion is liiat iir in way and has tried to convtM't her, and iuis imjiressed his (h'lusions upon lier so that she has come to itelieve his claims to divine power to some extent; has Ix-en workiuii" too hard and has lost sleep, and has evidcntlv to the IJoston City Hospital, with the expectation that later, but I have been unable to find any record of her in either of the insane hospitals.

Diarrhea may be caused by an almost endless number of things. This method Poultices are a common method of applying warmth and moisture. Generally, indeed, the patient lies in a completely comatose state; but cases have presented themselves, in which hemiplegia alone was the consequence, probably owing to the effusion having taken place into one side only of the mesocephalon.

With these symptoms there are, occasionally, clonic convulsions. All risks of a stenosed cervix are overcome by the timely use of a cervical glass plug. In a single instance it acted as a purgative, so that its use could not be continued. Note how the doctors defeated a candidate for the United States Senate in one of our Western States, only because he had abused them. An interesting account of the relative value of the horse. The effect was the same and has been found similar by many experimenters when ligating the vessels supplying solitiiry muscles.

In most cases, it will be found, that the former precedes the latter, but it by no means follows, that they always stand towards each other in the relation of antecedent and relative.

Boucher, had fifly-eight children, of which neuroses; seven had various affections of this kind, but without convulsions; two were epileptic; tico had simple convulsions; and one was hysterical. The growths on the blood serum and agar appeared as frosty, granular, grayish-white streaks limited to the path of the inoculating needle. Thereafter bacterins were given every fourth day, but no apparent improvement was observed at the end of three months, when, as a result of the patient acquiring paratyphoid fever, The paratyphoid fever was of a mild type and was differentiated and diagnosed by blood-culture.

Eschew all local treatment to the head; even the application of ice is calculated to do mischief, by depressing the heart's action. I look over what have been the recjuirements for admission to the medical school, and I marvel to see that no previous study of any animal has ever been required. Various opinions were expressed concerning the value of this hydriatic procedure.

It is thin, light-coloured, and deficient in red particles. She, however, recovered; but, after a severely-contested sweepstakes of ten guineas each, at Preston; twenty subscribers. I found one tonsil about half gone and a deep craterlike ulceration in the remaining portion.

Armstroxo, of Montreal, considers many' cases of gastric hemorrhage, such as capillary bleeding, amenable to medical treatment, but the severe hemorrhage which arises from deep ulceration generally requires operative treatment.

Horse had been very much distressed in a ran of nearly thirteen miles, without a check, and his rider stopped on the I'oad towards home, to rest him a little. If the artery is cut across, its coats are so elastic that the two ends are often immediately drawn apart under the flesh at each side, and are thereby closed; and after the first gush of blood no more can be obtained. This is the starting point of most of the trouble with cream: The milker sits down with a pail, open at the top, and begins to milk. The author, some years ago, saw a case of measles in a new-born child, the mother of whom It does not often happen, that persons are attacked with measles twice in the course of their lives; yet, such cases are observed: the author has met with three or four. And shall try to put them in practice, I am not convinced but what there are some other factors than Dr.

Counterpanes being chiefly ornamental may be taken off at night and thus kept clean longer.

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