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surgeon or assistants. To remedy this all must wear gauze

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There are two substances causing convulsions, — potash and

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isolate typhoid cases as far as possible — e. g. in hospitals, to keep them

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reducing the temperature, assuaging pain, and relieving nervous de-

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tained. Mix it in definite proportions with the common soda-

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typhoid fever, of great value in pneumonia. Being a very careful and

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in one of the hospitals. I became interested in him. As he

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Sniireme Court cannot take judicial notice of liability of child-

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for one-tenth, probably, of what France exports. Fortu-

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various parts of the body, and by its structure admits the blood

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A patient whom the house physician Dr. Frese represented as being

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In severe forms congestion, hemorrhage, and degeneration are the changes

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the characteristic dilatation or narrowing ensues. In other words,

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they express it. The ends of their short lives generally find

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A Tcxl-Bool- of llir I'l-dclice of Mcdiciur. liv .Tamk.s M. Amiki;s.

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" Bartels was the first to ascertain the behavior of urea under the

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rash is more truly an erythema, while in scarlet fever it consists of slightly

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able — Diabetics and Tuberculosis — Thyroid" Treatment — Progno-

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It is especially valuable in bleeding from parenchymatous organs,

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disease, but more frequently at its close. Meningitis must be numbered

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of touch, the number of temperature points is small, and therefore the

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Splenic infarction may also be safely diagnosed if there are pain and

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we dip the other hand into the same water for five minutes, considerable

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berries and blackberries. Children and elderly people should

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sory fibres in the skin, both of which are conveyed to the central ner-

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vessels been sound, he probably would have recovered, but I

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to cardiac power, they may be life-saving, and they are to be decidedly

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5. The moderate iise of alcohol by the average normal adult

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How often have I seen, in advanced fever processes, in degenerated

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and generated in the ripening of the fruit. The mangosteen

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Registrar-Treasurer — Dr. H. Willici'l'orce Aikius.

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Klebs-Lofiler bacillus may enter the blood through the respiratory

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eighths of one per cent. I have seen some reports of its

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does not in some way influence the red blood-corpuscles for

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means that the red corpuscles are only about one-half the

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this has its antitoxin either in nature or artificially produced.

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rubber tissue drainage and a dry dressing is efficient and good

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On the contrary, so far from producing lung complications, the

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10. The most convincing argument, and, to the minds of the com-

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