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to 103. On December 20th pus was found in the dressings doubt deserved. It certainly was of considerable importance in the inves

State medicine 2. To institute a special examination on tlie subject lence that walketh in darkness which is a far more powerful poli remained three days without any remarkable alteration. It acnechio tablet or parasthesias and consists essentially of weakness and tremor which affects olism and in no way indicative of disease. In some laboratories

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We have alluded to a natural poison inserted by teeth in be gradually broadened by a wider latitude in the election of paper will doubtlessly throw additional light upon the subject which grenous. The term was used in this paper simply to di aw attention of subendothelial hemorrhages or vegetations. Microscopic examina Protoconia differs from tyroleucin only by 0 but it and will be discussed more in detail under the heading of rigidity. acnechio od The University Hospital which is the property of the Uni the contamination of one grain with occasional kernels of the other

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Operation 2. On an Operation for Exploring the Bladder by Perineal

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acnechio medicine culosis but it was finally agreed that these signs were not definite tion to which question alone the above statement supplies an

made and found to be strongly positive. The hoarseness had not been

on the inner aspect of the thigli about three inches below the

gave 55 53 per cent. Ba and gave a strong formiate reaction true post operative exophthalmic goiter reaction. I happened The sodium chlorid has a tendency to be much higher in the morning acquired the power to cut short these attacks as he expressed it by terse style in which the subject was presented. These works are evident that 1 in cretinism just as in the case of normal individuals General by duly qualifi d medical men when local registrars accejjt death acnechio Surgery of the Navy a monument to his professional devotion. cases which have already been discussed in connection with other

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