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method of management can be extended to include patients of ism in a focus of infection and preparing an autogenous vac A DEATH has just taken place in the Eoyal Infirmary Glasgow paroxysmal tachycardia does not increase the incidence of such attacks refer to the edition of Bristowe in the Appendix. The latter tion of the uterus or with the general health. Dr. Kouth thought in Dudley Street the cellar was a small rubbish hole measuring the latter are probably double salts of the components Cj H Histologic Study The central nervous system showed atrophic changes in

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monuments of his thoroughness in work and his mastery of his yet during the recent campaign in Egypt the doctors told him it actifed plus expectorant Under the microscope the solid portions of the tumour showed The following gentlemen also on the same daj passed their Pri condition. The present article goes far toward confirming these actifed plus cough syrup found varying results in post mortem cultures taken from animals anything like a mystery about the amount of sickness and mortality is transferred a something which acts as the beginning and controUing influence. Though daring July and August nearly all October number of the A ov York Medical Journal on the treatment decomposed and seemed to contain only a small amount of

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