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Domingo, 17 de Enero de 2010 (GMT) 

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her to gain 15 pounds. From this time, the latter part of Feb-

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putting words in my mouth which I never used. The President has ruled, and I deny that

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with severe keratitis, anaesthesia of the left side of face, paralysis

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One of the most welcome little books of this nature comes to us each

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vised and accepted, and the patient taken to the operating room at

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Armour — You are under a misapprehension as to how it is at the present time. We now

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periment of the same time of treatment. He had no symptoms

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Dr. Sangster — My position on that point is a little different from some others. I

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75,000 babies die every year in the United States from the same cause!

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produced in the following way. Instead of keeping its course

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Case VIII. — Diagnosis: Cerebral Arterio-Sclerosis.

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it has fostered laziness in the study of materia medica, pharma-

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that fee. There must be a communication of that kind going on every year ; and it seems to me

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course of an hour and a half. Almost everyone, including those

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And in his journey of investigation he had passed the fortieth

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tings have published the results of their researches along these

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in the proper mode of its administration, to those wishing to fit

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sclerosis, but gout is in itself a result, not a primary cause, and

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division must receive a nomination of at least 20 (twenty) registered practitioners resident in

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culin injections have but slight therapeutic value.

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medical and in lay periodicals concerning the problem of sex education

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that it is accompanied by epileptiform seizures makes it probable

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Bouillon, baccilli positive and negative to Gram's. Strepto-

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day the hen not only laid her accustomed morning egg, but a second one

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Dr. Arimour — It was arranged that the members should report to the Registrar by the

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delighted to learn that a remedy has been discovered, of which you are proprietors, that has

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For this very important addition to our surgical resources

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many cases there are no apparent symptoms but the patient is

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1877 and 1878, Dr. Herbert A. Chase and Dr. John L. Coffin were

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Visceral Crises. I must first mention the peculiar phenome-

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circulated to the effect that the city of Boston will use one end of Long Is-

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the practitioner and to the layman. The varieties of foods are each

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and advertising the virtues of the said drugs and other remedies. And by fraudulently, and

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