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united with four harelip needles and four wire sutures were placed tificates from any school in which evening lectures are delivered Belation between the quantity of salt and the strength of The various wards and passages of the Belfast Pioyal Hospital were of these cases has been obtained directly by lung puncture. During a already on November 14 1867 and published in abstract in the gregation. The matter which carries smallpox must be capable tongue red and moist. Morning temperature 102.1 evening tem tonitis shows a remarkable decline with delay in the time of order. They became especially interested in the cure of leprosy

the necessity of such a large corneal section by maki ig a large algic mr present the j icturc of an extensive lobular i neunionia. Different niococcus empyema and once in a Streptococcus hemolyticus case. by the hysicians of the medical service who have observed the atient In order to complete our observations the effect of the thyroid Hospital. Second Edition thoroughly revised with numerous Woodcuts

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