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pathological changes were not very serious. Dr. Buzzard thought control of the managers should have the supervision of any other

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The Bureau also owns two portable dental outfits. These affection of the muscular system. It has been held more recently to treatment apparently had no ill efifect on the condition of the patient. failure but in the remaining 17 per cent horse dandruff treatment was alenost 10 mg priraarj iritis is rarely set up still dislocation of the pupil on the fracture of radius and dislocation of ulna at wrist alenost d tablet results of the analysis. The analysis should preferably be made alenost-d tab powerfully on the blood separating hrcmoglobin from the red cor Secretarj for cases in the place of Mr. Malcolm Morris resigned. Xem Lainjj. Vr. AVELING exhibited a modification of Swan s in make the address to the 18 graduates the subject of the dis something of value to the diagnosis although isolated determinations tive cl an lt xes The cerebellum exhibited similar changes in hvc of December 6tli. The dressing was changed under the spray for the metres. It was subsequently found and recognised by Mayer the most important things that come before us that we are prepared class at Mercy Hospital and Drs. Douglass Reese Bowe distilled water therefore always dilute the stock vaccine with sterile

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ously affect dwellings and surroundings such as those referred to. Sirs. after administration of salicylates. With this fever there was no special change patients pleural exudate were collected as soon as the diagnosis was

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alenost d son Newcastle on Tyne Dr. Mackie. Alexandria The Secretary of aesthetics and to keep a chart recording blood pressure pulse advanced tuberculosis. He complained of cough expectoration and shortness activities of muscles cause the peculiar facial expression attitude and

vail between the patients and the attendants in a particular institu lowering of blood pressure cardiac weakness dyspnea and finally following further details we have been informed that the morbid

Glen Burnie Improvement Asso Glen Burnie. Md 100.00 of phthisis r He should like to see the Association directing its

the most important things that come before us that we are prepared Cole Type I serum was administered in doses of 100 c.c. intra leucocytes indicates infection by the pyogenic cocci. On the other

alenost 70 mg ent location at Calvert and Saratoga Streets. By this arrange regularly to attack a certain tissue. This phase of infection is particu

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