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than the elderly? N Engl J Med 1 988 ; 3 1 8 : 1 507- 1 5 1 2


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with special fermentive processes, or with specific diseases,

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" It seems to me," he goes on, " that this molecular matter, if

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Mur. '2 grns., Menthol i, Sacch. Lac. 3"o. To be blown into the nose.

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Spina Bifida. Dr. A. M. Vance : This little girl, aged four years,

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spots ; suffers from cloudy swelling ; often has eminences on

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the hospital workshops would not be sufficient to enable the

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or grey, although the external coat be entirely white. This is inclosed by a small

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II r>eDt«cbe Zeltschr. {. NerTenheilk., I, 4-15.

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Hospital, gives several cases in which Chloroform was substituted

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I have been ably supported in the administration of the af-

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former approach has been shown by many investigators in

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tinued to advance in proportion as the term of gestation approaches,

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Ana if peritonitis exist operative procedure is still more decisively indicated. A

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The labia majora or externa consist of two folds of skin exter-

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salol test, were negative. He was urged to avoid excite-

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Marry, U. O. Removal of four inches of the rectum for cancer;

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not rarely in both paroxysuLS, and during the early stage of convalescence

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organic matter, and the uncertainty hitherto attending its

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Rabbits 27 and 28. — On May 5. 1919, they were injected intracranially with

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soluble, and therefore is dissolved, in that fluid. But, under certain

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thelial cancer of the left cheek, and the adjacent por-

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all other treatment. Four cases were all cured within eighteen days. In

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be estimated in presence of salts and other soluble protein. In one experiment

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urged me to become a Systematic. ^^ Yet he glories in having resisted

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parlors were packed to their fullest capacity. Each

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On the other hand, if the action of a normal E-piece on a normal

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tic, la., president, and Dr. J. C. Carter, of Grand Island,

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