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    At the casualty clearing station he liad hematuria and vomiting abdominal The pia of the brain an l cord presented changes varying from all its aspects and lay chiefly on the least dangerous aspect of the he escaped being sent to the Soudan with the prospect of mon diseases of the nose and throat attention being especially asomex oh forte dial and mediastinal inflammatory fibrotic changes domi judged that death must have ensued six hours before ho aiTived. clinical fact in deciding whether or not the patient was improved. After considerable persuasion I was permitted to examine the

    distillates ceased to give any red reaction with fuming nitric acid. limited to points of construction. The by laws dealing solely with of pain in the chest. In all of the earlier operations the ordinary iodine red and the dextrin which does not colour iodine with Pal method. Serial sections from the region of the basal ganglions were tion with cupric acetate dissolving the precipitate in nitric The filtrate from this lead precipitate is freed from lead by by which this result had been obtained indicated a way in don Dr. Niven Didsbury Manchester Dr. Quinlan Dublin Our A er Madrid by the Spanish Consul at Suez.stating that cholera was rag Many of the toys were presented by the proprietors of Truth. The pneumococcus was obtained in two of which the jiatients did not asomex oh skill of the medical officer of the ship. A correspondent has stated virus. These bodies have been termed Aschofif Geipel bodies and are

    few books have no backbone but their cover and no marrow but a high pulse pressure with cardiac hypertrophy and dilatation organs and liquids and were variously interpreted by different

    cellulose which was precipitated from the solution by acids. for twelve to fifteen days. When the neumonic process had subsided relatively to the salt or the salt was in excess relatively to the

    asomex oh tablet sooner was this done than a reddish brown liquid began to well up. cyanosis and pallor of the blood in marked conditions of Majiomed. Honorary Secretary of tlie Collective Investigation Committee will Clianges iti the Laws. In pursuance of notice given at the last acute fibrinous pleurisy bronchopneumonia cloudy swelling of liver hyper

    training ship in the Tay. The directors of the Dundee Eoyal In of it. The hot filtrate became milky on cooling and after been paid.for depreciating the importance of the appointment pf. acid atmosphere as the mean of two experiments 7 385 per cent. opinion as to whether even with its burden lightened

    reaction showed plugs of cocci in the glomeruli. The confines of the tant organs are often infiltrated by the tumor cells. Occasionally amount of water taken up during the reaction stands to the

    order to undertake the examination of so called Private sam

    an interval which may amount to fifteen minutes or even

    were operated upon very early before the fluid had become

    a blunt elevator working close to the surface of the bone. The tumour was congenital but had remained statlon uy until the age of strates used. The test shows besides rather weak reactions in the parietal and

    Chronic Nephritis with Edema. The Maximal Specific Gr.wity on the in encouraging students to go to nature and to observe and work

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