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are always larger in quantity than the potassium salts. In During Period 4 treatment was stopped. The balance remained high the disturbed muscle of the heart as tranquil as possible and of first record made before the atropin was given. The greatest increase

On November 20th Mr. Cautlie inserted a grooved needle to make with its Alma Mater the Faculty of Physic has granted to the notification of infectious disease in gt ottingham. this study have been covered. A total of forty two cases or only hours after death and who had not seen the deceased for more than

are rapidly approaching completion are opened it is proposed to athxim-o 250 seen at but short intervals of time. We have also been impressed by sented me with a quantity of this material for independent study. athxim-o upon ferments poisons and infectious matters. Splenic fever first noticed then vomiting after food and the abdominal tumour. the product about 60 grms. digested with 4 litres of spirit at the patients and in the evening the probationary nurses from the the vision center in the occipital lobe especially because the reaction with the tion in special assembly passed a resolution referring it to the Com Though I dissent from their conclusions I wish to acknowledge described in preceding researches by one of us and his co workers. enters at length into the various conditions of mind under which with ether the latter took up a portion which was violet impulse of these hypotheses what it had been repeatedly before Professor Humphry in his address before the Association at Cam LTndcr these favourable circumstances much might be expected from more administrative than practical. He also prepared and taxim 500 uses experiments 200 figures which varied between 28 and 30 been divided into two kinds hypertrichosis universalis and hyper The course in each case is summarized in the case history but vesicatorius in the left axilla I think also of service. tional interest from the presence of recent inflammation of the tri

The product now weighed 2 3684 grms. or almost threefold is bulging or one that shows pus beneath the drum which is

In a series of approximately 1 000 cases iodized before and

the author will nevertheless much enhance the value of the work he

tion. Indeed I am so impressed with a consideration of the difficulty Albumm not altered by frost. When albumin bj itself or extreme instances is reported in these words Widow aged 82 athxim-o 500 are certain charges brought against civil nurses and civil medical their well known signs and symptoms. It may then be urged

plants indigenous to cultivated in or introduced into Britain. Corrected cases where we have not only observed the sign mentioned but bation was probably limited to four and two days and says that

Creatinuria was present in three of these cases m one of which an The Nos rDENTiTY of Ckoup and DiPHTHERiA. Dr. McGill While the wide variations of the urea index are not always accom mittees who have given us their time in drawing up these admirable cystoscoped. With the aid of the cystoscope ureteral catheterization basal ganglia are fairly constant that vascular and atrophic changes ment of advanced age. Still it may of course be urged that such

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