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especially Hebra s salve in its newer form equal parts of
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rum ptr0fkeum f and found it 4otconsisi ofacviolatile concrete oil..
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the ventricle is thickened and made rough and uneven by
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and in this respect the winter and spring months are most
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suppositions hare lately receired a very important degree of support
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them could be substituted for the most violent it i irould be aa
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rickets in animals by persistent subcutaneous injection of lactic
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gorged with blood j the hymen perfect and very apparent.
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organized his system in some degree but it was not perfectly organized
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not be prevented medicines are of very little use and the phosphatic
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In cloth carried eastward In the caravans leaving Aleppo I have
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most serious of all skin diseases of cattle viz. the so called
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stirring vegetable powders infusions of flowers irritant
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of certain muscular groups. Such ptomaines find most favour
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I Pasteur. 2 Anatole France 3 Lincoln 4 Darwin 5 Gladstone
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very rapidly. The most serious cases are those of crib biters
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during the whol amp course of the disease. As a rule the pulse
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toms presented by the other functions as those oi absorption exhalation
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especially as vegetable micro organisms may chance accidentally
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with thin transparent straw coloured epidermal scales which
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against the tricks and devices of quacks and follows substanti
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much can be done in this direction of course during the earlier
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before the introduction of the nobler breeds of merinos im
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Court definition that act must be with a view to relieve hejJ
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disease although old and robust ones are not entirely immune.
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which re appear n celluiar filaments muscvHur fibres iaawori

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