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Domingo, 17 de Enero de 2010 (GMT) 

    in one day, all importation of gangrenous sores into Louisville ceased. The

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    accom])lished easily in 5;J days ; while Case II. was

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    the water to intensify the basic color. After washing in water the

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    placenta, membranes or blood-clot, while the cavity may be per-

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    that blood poisoned in thb manner respires lees freely than pure blood. In one of

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    physicians rely chiefly upon antispasmodics — belladonna, bromides, asafetida, etc. — but

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    sists of two diluting pipettes and a counting chamber (Fig. 7). The

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    but limb is weak after unusual exertion ; cannot run far.

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    Surgeons. With Illustrations. 1 vol., 8vo Cloth, 4 50*

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    single leech, when engorged, will hold two drams of

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    excision of from one to two inches of the rib at the point of

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    possibility that besides the mechanical irritation of dust particles, pneu-

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    doors, and she has the additional protection of a muff. The

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    chology, pedagogy, literature, particularly all forms of

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    measures for their eradication and prevention. To this end,

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    and complete exposition of the event. Tr^^::^^!^^^!^^^^^^^!!^^!!!^^^!^^^^^^^^^

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    or rigidity. On rectal examination numerous ulcers could be

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    fine fat globules, or these have imited to form single larger drops, or,

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    rtold which was the 46th of these figures, which the 28th, 115th, and so on.

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    ries and seventeen institutions for instruction in the higher

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    awarded the Beneficiary Scholarship has been received.

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    ported by the Jamaica fleet, which arrived in Leith Roads in a

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    should wait before operating until the question can be

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    The course of syphilis indicates that this disease will prove a very

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    been no chloroform g^ven for fully five minutes. The child was in the writer's

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