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amyl by inhalation. These are all matters of common observation.

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as slight temporary enlargement of the thyroid gland or tremor, may

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living in the same house, developed pellagra for the first time in June, 1911,

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¥70" to too" grain, administered subcutaneously, produces wonderful

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In a third group, represented by the last three cases of this report

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lesions in detail, and we may begin, as the most frequent of all the

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less cumbrous or roundabout fashion it often attains or approaches

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occurred no essential difference in the time that the clots formed

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39. Ferrier : Compt. rend Soc. de biol., 1909, xlix, 464.

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Supper: Cornbread and buttermilk; drank about a quart of milk daily (her

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ounces to several pints in twenty-four hours. Sometimes the vesicles

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Patients complain of pain, sometimes fixed and deep-seated, in the

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Carbone 2 " appears to have found on thymectomized dogs and rab-

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is gradually regained. The tremor, feeling of heat, and perspiration

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toxic symptoms are present. In such patients the urea not only shows

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before breakfast was very marked, more so than that with the same

  Amitriptyline Long Term Use Side Effects
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