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of a place in your Journal you are at liberty to publish it.

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of mischief can be detected in the lungs. Again glandular

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lar coat of the intestine and usually accompanies a flatu

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and the locomotor ataxia soon made frightfully rapid progress.

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a hard cord sensible and very appreciable to the touch. The

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Digestive System. Loss of appetite is an accompani

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this kind at the Neurological Society a certain number of

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is a rapid full pulse moderately accelerated respiration rapid

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and beset with epithelia somewhat after the fashion of

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chronic toper. The consequence was that the paralysis of the extensors

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the quantity might have been procured several of the larger

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between the shaft and the epiphysis to admit of the increase in the

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pipe and extracted the worms with forceps while Bartlett

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are fractured in adtlition to the depression and dis

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In one form of the disease the heat of the head deHr

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continuous state of exhilaration and restless activity

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irritability of temper and lassitude with loaded uratic urine are

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not more than ten or twelve times in a minute. In discuss

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several hundred carefully examined showing none with an

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The cause of the interruption of gestation is difficult

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cures. Croupous pneumonia is so disturbing in its onset so rapid in its

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other animal or vegetal parasites some authors believe

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pers at the several conferences referred to it is per

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general in whichever direction the squinting eye deviates

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elements present so that they can be attended to at the one

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connective tissue shown in the various sections must

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obtained from treatment by a general practitioner with

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tinctures and that the ultimate persistence of action of one tincture

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ap raised with a fairness which one often misses in

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numerous and in the columnar epithelium of the small intestine

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will be an irregularity some of the fibres apparently in a

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