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well known facts in physiology after noticing the return of sen

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small a quantity of the poison that the tests do not render it

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citement then I should say that one or more of three things is

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Upon the whole do you consider the plague to be a disease propa.

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blew was always accompanied with some increase of the number of

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and male animals appear to suffer most and after them fattened

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become hysterical. The Pharmacopeia is a good book it is a

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On exploring the rectum we may find it completely filled

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of cattle which may be in its nature either a haemoglobinaemia

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with their incisor teeth any object such as the edge of the

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their duty by their patient if they injected antitoxin.

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to treat the complaint in horses dogs and cattle all together.

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long with from four to six legs and provided with a tail. This

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Other Parasites of the Xilver. In rare cases we also find in

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there did not pass from those vessels rivuletn which irrigate and nou

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But we have not yet disposed of the stock argument that the

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iloubted that the degree of precision with which they are applied is

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diseases because meteorism occurs but occasionally and only

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from the place. The complaint is not however confined to

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sition of the blood in order to account for the disease.

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ess of the purpurates of ammonia and soda. When the pur

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Tho we have antitoxin still we must not neglect all the other

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tottering clumsy gait and at last decided lumbar paralysis

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The contents of the intestine consist either solely of this croupy

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cases occur in great summer heat or during rapid changes of

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of general pathology such e.g. as excessive sweating hyperidrosis

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reaction or when the exciting cause of the fever has invaded the

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as commercial journals. We have read medical jouiT als for

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between their functions. We find some of the most remarkable proofs

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and Engel have also reported on several vegetable parasitic afifections of

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positive diagnosis of angina pectoris vera. On the other hand

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