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closed on account of tumefaction of the eyelids, the ears greatly enlarged
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wine is rapidly increasing, but it is yet only two quarts to
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of the inhibitory nerves. This is confirmed by the opposite effect
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raised and yet the work of the heart not only not increased but dis-
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benefited, and two were slightly improved. These cases were
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Confirmation of the value of irrigation treatment of typhoid fever
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turbance of health, an almost infallible diagnostic symptom. In the
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as we have in the United States, and are not included in the
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cultural Experiment Station at Newark, I was compelled to
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The power of resistance to the influence of a greatly elevated tem-
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burgh University, where they do the work very thoronghly accord-
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even extensive hemorrhages into the skin and from the mucous mem-
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deeper seated. umbilicated, and are more superficial.
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ment with isolation, rest cure, medicinal, or other agents which he may
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of mercury. Again, one gram of iron at 32° may be elevated to 130°
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quantity of alcoholic liquor for internal use be limited to eight
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keeping down destructive conflagrations. It is a grand or-
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increases the trouble by its action on the vasomotor system.
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