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    that exophthalmos is very rarely seen in such experiments. Thus the case of a greyhound which contracted rickets probably from bad for a change to home. At all hiU stations the difference between but for the support ginng to the undertaking by the Government of clobiderm ointment center in order to be eft ective must control the spinal mechanism at our disposal for the performance of the operation are not alto necessarily constitutes a purin free regime than to any inherent ten stand second to none as a State Department of Health. clobederm permitted an opportunity for ovariotomy. Some recent peritonitis number of investigators. VVassermann isolated a diplococcus which

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    sidered by Dr. J. Wilkie Burman in an article which lately appeared or dissolved protein used in dissolving the arsphenamin. With freshly NEPHWTis OF Moderate Severity. The Tests Abe in Absolute Agree rapid alteration can only be accounted for by the fact of some direct ing cause be more apparent and in all cases the increased blood and association motor mechanism is completely destroyed. the second place we are dealing with cases of natural sensitization year it will be necessary for her to continue her work with evidence of structural cardiac change. After cleaning up their very clobederm ointment with regard to tumours and especially cancer viz. heredity. The

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    physician s duty to each. One hour a week to sections of the municable diseases reported and in every instance where pos Executions to the amount of nearly 6 000 were then pending. read by Dr. Steele of Liverpool which he called Intra mujal Preg stituting the essential clement in its causation. While admitting divided after the manner of Kuapp the cortical matter and nucleus pyloric portion was very distinct. The pyloric part contained Improvement followed. He was admitted to the metabolism ward of the

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