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hernia Avill proliably disa|)pear. Sometimes a lieinia
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restoration to health until after a long continuance of the remedy. This
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of Marmorek's serum without any evidences of improvement. The
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following, and also state what you regard as the most successful
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19. — ,^arda (G.) Sur deux cas de paialysie syphiliti-
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sease are not infrequently so classified. The points which
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have been discussed. A rather striking paper was read
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to many others, yet I desire to have these arguments im-
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the disease is well established. Three symptoms now worry the
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judijment of the court, and to pay costs ; and after such
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tion.^^ This factor might further diminish the efficiency of the indol-
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firmatory of the prevalent opinion that ovarian fibromata occur as a rule in
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After scorching the surface of a fresh tuberculous spleen, lung, or
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and better, may be said of his synoj)sis of diseases
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was met by the head man with the following gratifying
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tle secretion, and at the point separating the two portions,
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earthy substances, so often noted in pregnancy, may be looked upon as
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To thoroughly test the treatment all other remedies
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respect was so little known or even suspected, and so
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as the patients exhibit no distaste for the fruit, there
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In the following table of tuberculous case^ latent or obsolete
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rticksichtigung der laryng. Tuberc. Therap. Monatshefte^
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Executive Sanitary Ofiicer for Blackrock Urban District ; Dr.
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tinge on the lips. The tachypnea and tachycardia may persist unaltered
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type of services they might desire and whether the State
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to the level of the eighth dorsal vertebra. The sac had
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treatment. Our first efforts must be directed to the cure of the lesion oat
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included microscopical saline crystals, colouring matters, tu-
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fermentation and float in water; they may be light yellowish or brownish
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oscillating the two hands the uterus can be plainly felt between
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scribed as belonging to colo-enteritis, follicular enteritis, choleriform diar-
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are, indeed, often at their wits' ends to know where to find the true facts which these gentlemen delight to misrepresent.
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the defence satisfactorily proved that not only is there a simi-
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through the whole web of diseased function, whatever its place,
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(a) AiV-ra [Atlk, Xi'ttq), madness. " A small worm under the tongnie of
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chamber. During the healing process a piece of the lens mass was
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F.S.A., Fac secundum artem, make or prepare according
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was issued, and this fact in itself tells a tale which renders com-
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sponge slightly moistened with a solution of tannin.
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been described, as early as 1833, ^ France by Velpeau,
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Secondary effects. Many results are produced by valvular lesions,
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the groin ; 2 uterine neuralgia; 1 fibroid tumour of uterus; 1 with severe
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Most of these things concern the work of the editor and
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Three injections were made with extracts of the dried posterior

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