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sion of tobacco is taken in suificient quantity to operate on the cerebellum

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year In advance. «3.50 after three months, and $4,00 if not paid within the yfar.-^Afents aUoirod

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prescribed remedy. He bathed his eyes with his own urine. A violent

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Pleurisy is less common than bronchitis or pneumonia. The typhoid

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the tubercle bacillus, and subsequently reported that addition of acid

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applied externally and maintained for three to five minutes.

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were very careless in regard to foreigners. But I must say, that their

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palati, situate very nearly at the centre of its anterior surface.

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secondly, " that the extent of infection by the milk and flesh of tuberculous

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tion of the iris sometimes occurs in such a manner as to form a second

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hotels are closed. It is a great mistake for invalids to leave the Eiviera

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A number of different conditions may closely simulate syringomyelia,

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loss of heat, an increase which, according to Krehl and Matthes, is on. an

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ease has so interwoven itself with all its actions that it becomes consti-

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many there are who suffer themselves to be blinded and duped by the

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the brain, and although it is diffuse it often presents patches of more

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doubted. The principles upon which these events have been etkcU

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shoulders. His position otherwise is that of the F. S. P.

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hours of distinct improvement, the patient relapses into coma and dies.

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ulcers have healed up before death occurs from other causes.

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might do harm if it were due to perforation or peritonitis ; in such cases

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mending this collection to the patronage of the medical publtQ, with a

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with only a moderate acceleration of the breathing. I have examined

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numerous near the apex, but softening and excavation is not so commonly

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feeble, the respirations are slow, and rapid collapse occurs. There may be

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but to reserve the term fever for a general disturbance of metabolism, one

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Anatomical instruction and private dissection will form a prominent part in the study ofthe pupils.

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versUy of ^ew For*, delivered November 7th, 1837, by Edward Dela-

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The Collector of Passamaquoddy says there are so few sick in his dis-

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This manipulation is employed for a number of ailments, chief of which are

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usually less marked in women than in men, and the initial lesion is

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'^ Mt Dear Doctor — Enclosed I send you some account of the medi-

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from six to eight moves on the calf, becomes very poor and many calves

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