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the daily excretion of the lead by the fseces, but it was in-

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mencement of the fund. The result of the year's work is

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rate of mortality in these towns, which had been 21.9 and 212 per l,000 in

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lead or even to hold her own in the medical and scientific world it would

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into the ho^■pital looking very pale, ill, and with drawn and sunken fea-


softening. No evidence of damage to the skull was detected,

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Salary, £100 per annum. Applications endorsed "Dental Surgeon,

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tion of a work by the board, and of requiring the board to defray from

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dapsone methemoglobinemia

would make reference to what has, not very infrequently,

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from 74 to 91 per cent., tlie average percentage being 82.

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of all Frencli and foreign work on the nervous system and its

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Mr. ARTHUR Barker considered that mobility of the joint

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should hardly have expected morphine to prejudice greatly

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should necessitate its provision. A case has occurred at Tylorstown, the

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and relations, the percentage of uncertified deaths runs up to

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he possessed being headed "Presbyterian." I willingly agreed, how-

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The first of the series of lectures under the auspices of the

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new feature of the fund, which has developed somewhat un-

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ment for its extraction may he required. It is for this pur-

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foot cut subcutaneously ; each foot was forcibly straightened,

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how does dapsone cause methemoglobinemia

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pneumonia appeared. A free opening having been made, a

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Dr. F. Warner read a paper based on observations of

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Norwood, in the chair. Dinner at 6 p,m., chai'ge 7s.. exclusive of wine.

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be a useful measure, and one to which we wish all success. Five days'

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shall be made to a purchaser before completion of the

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case." Not prepai'ed I Why were they " not prepai-ed " to meet it ? Be-

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election five years ago, the choice of the College long hesi-

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Attempts are constantly made to measure the effects of pre-

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patients to herd together in the waiting rooms of a hospital

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1 year 9 mortlhs (a longer stay than that of my patients).

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to no use ; my only resort was to operate, and remove tlie

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medecin, but I must have a roomy house in order to house

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summary of surgical literature during the months of October,

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rotate a little beyond it by the weight of the limb, with most

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appetite generally improves, and weight is almost invariably

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part of a report which he has not yet submitted for the sanc-

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sary, on urgent occasions, a few years after a person has had confluent

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which took place at Abingdon Villas, Kensington, onEebruary

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Buildings. Kaling, on Thursday, April 6th, when Mr. C. Jones will read a

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three days. Since then there has been complete freedom from convul-

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used for another, or have been found to have too insuflBcient

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go )d humour and decorum were supreme. Three candidates

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Gaskell and Shore is not directed against the conclusions of

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Fourth Edition. (London : Bailliere, Tindall, and Cox. 1893.

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