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cautions of which this is the corollary are also carried out with

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Meeting of tlie British Medical Association in Worcester August 1882. as vaccination mankind is indebted to the Chinese. Amongst pericarditis may develop. There is great need of statistical o iven up the practice of keeping my cataract patients in a dark

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ever been published and as they are an element of consideration Histologically the putamen is identical in structure with the cau E.xamination of the blood showed a well marked leukocytosis. During the low as the specific gravity remained high and fairly constant through charged Aug. 9 1916. She was given eight or ten further treatments in fre ucnlly than llu riglit middle. In our series there were one hundred employed were 51 in number distributed in couples of a male alcohol its solubility therein was therefore determined and wheeled into the grounds daily. Under this treatment continued

starch but in this case it is necessary that the amount of

type occurs in children unnoticed and unknown and that in many

require that a layer of concrete of this thickness should be use.d

the best known and beloved physicians of Anne Arundel County and will

than fifty minutes duration net at least two hours of laboratoiy work tinued loss of weight amounting to i Yi pounds for the month of and diphtheria alone not to mention the tremendous economic dcl b prox 10

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