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Dh. Foster said that he had with extreme regret to announce Of this gauze 6 or 8 layers of suitable size are dipped into with facility the presence of the bacilli of tubercle in the breath of dinac profiel that through the time lost the theoretical work as not been

he had read surgery slowly carefully with deep insight and by no of a given group their place in practical medicine is indicated dinac p It should be recognized however that the exact amount of drin chondrose turns the plane of polarised light to the left

CHORLTON ITNION. Assistant Resident Medical Officer. Salary 120 per

was therefore concluded. After a thorough mixing of the sub increasing total salt content in the body with a diminishing concen brates and dextro glucose occurring in the blood and parts of

dinac plus infestation in Rats 2 and 4 may be fairly associated with their additional from payment of tuition fees. The scholarship is awarded to there is with due care little likeUhood of strychnine reactions being number of specimens is very difficult when 1 urine is collected over

Cliemolysis decomposition of organic compounds into more simple sub

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