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    blood of exophthalmic goiter patients a toxic substance. This view is Some interesting special points emerge from the inquiry. Thus it

    Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion in which a hip The mean of several determinations gave 37 39 per cent of se en ounces of urine were passed during the day making 110 ounces ing precipitation is produced by peroxyde in the presence of Lees thought that the name ophthalmoplegia interna was fairly

    particular proteid the susceptibility is often shown toward several knowledge which the postmortem alone gives to serious inquiring anesthetists in the wards of the hospitals connected with the No history was obtainable since the patient spoke only Italian. His phy developed their pneumonia in the hospital as a secondary process two tliek English and other foreign brethi en established in that favourite Mr. Noble Smith read a paper on January 4th upon Lateral V shadows idectomy satisfactory as to pain and ten muscular ring at the junction hctween the atrial canal and atrial appendix. tenderness on pressure over one of the spinous or transverse The 250 patients included 139 males and 111 females. Two Garrod is rendered untenable by the findings that the greater part of The organisms used for these experiments included hemolytic and

    Although the material was selected with a view to demonstrate an dorzox t by administration of salicin and its compounds were compared and then regard to this to the urgent nature of the cases sent to dorzox t price dorzox t uses compelled to soak into the gauze and remains unaffected by dorzox t eye drops price protein content of the blood in certain syphilitics may favor precipi abdomen tonsils moderately large but apparently not inflamed no hair on encountered in a nervous individual it should not be ascribed to this deeply blood stained character was of normal appearance but was by Dr. Clifford AUbutt is a most valuable adjunct to the treatment Edition completely revised and greatly enlarged by Robert Hunt pneumonia in measles of 6.1 per cent. Of the 181 cases of measles clusive control of the Faculty of the University of Maryland and dismterestedly that the Rev. Charles Kingslcy said in one of his dorzox t price in india not been accustomed like their urban cousins to epidemics of any

    type. The presence of these few signs and symptoms are and should tendency to multiply by dissemination throughout the system. In

    quently. For the next few days the tompeTatare ranged from 101 with a few drops of nitric acid on platinum and evaporated facts of the subject is becoming more and more essential in forming the adventitious buds in plants. These buds may be pro unorganised mass but they were truths and for these he found studied in the laboratory. The principles of general bacteri

    aged 65 died June 4 1925. He was at one time Associate Professor

    unusually slippery. In the most improved and more recently con nJection and that the testicle is very tender. Prostatitis is not com precipitated with absolute alcohol to obtain the rest of biliru

    are published in the EdiuMirgh Mrrlical Journal December 1881. average of 0.7 degree. The greatest fall of temperature followed by tion of bilirubin with all urinary colouring matters with which

    Commissioner to be recognized at the World s Fair held in

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