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by Poisons, introduced into the Body, Primary Perversions of General Nutrition, Diseases

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which is stained cloudy blue or gray, are abundant fine,

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may be cut short by this remedy or that, and the most efficacious of these

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scarring. It should be remembered that the prolonged use of sulphur

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and the duration of the disease had been two years in each instance :

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epithelial debris. Torok was unable to trace any connection between

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July 1891.— 34. Pelon. Lapresse midicale, No. 75, Sept. 1898, p. 146 (E. nodosum).

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Abundant fresh air and exercise, which favour oxidation, undoubtedly

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and of the weakening of self-control that insanity involves, is taken into

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In the way of treatment there is practically nothing to be done. If

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successfully besought Sir Kenelm to tell him how the powder

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moral view. In countries where polygamy is allowed, the

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produced by the effects of the electric light, and possibly the injury

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the reticence that he was the resolute keeper of any astound-

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ration occurs during the delivery. The instant the de-

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Savage, G. H., M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician for and Lecturer on Mental Diseases at

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very acute eczema universalis, or erythema, the nails may become thinned,

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a carriage — not infrequently produces disastrous effects. The question of

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led by the language of Mrs. Weatherby, who was inces-

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(let us say) the left first dorsal interosseus muscle, and, having found

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Imperative Ideas," Brain, Summer and Autumn, 1895. — 4. Bremaud. "Guerison

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Beference has already been made to the close simulation of L. planus

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(I) Remove the iodine with a pledget soaked in alcohol.

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ether 1), which he calls tinct. lithanthracis ; this I have found distinctly

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on his head cured by virtue of royal touch. Then comes

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The prognosis is good as regards the particular attack, since for the

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of a posterior root three spots usually exist at which the branches come

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under this drug as fairly comparable, in certain cases, to that which

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