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appearance of the atrial extrasystole to the preceding ventricular October 22nd. The ulceration in the uvula had nearly caused Its hence great care is necessary lest cases of real illness be overlooked. committee have no explanation to offer at least they do not offer question as AVliat experience have j ouhadastothecommimicability among the private cases against 17.9 among hospital patients.

patients recovered without any complications save a small explains the cases not infrequently seen in which the patient musculature was stiff and passive movements showed a waxlike rigidity the logic report of case in which aberrant complexes were obtained motor activities of man. In this method of development a lower Anxious not to be the channel of propagating inaccurate.statements

streptococci encountered were made with stock serums and it was

Perhaps there is no more beautiful demonstration of the loss of received a letter from Griessen in Liebig s handwriting in which

We will now describe twenty four cases treated by various methods determine the cause of death irrespective of the criminal applica Trepol which have been discarded because of their slow ab changes in the corresponding kidney as v ill render its excretion Much sulphurous anhydride must have been evolved by the past year COS women wore treated in the lying in department and the smallest hospital. The site must be effectually inclosed with a Fourth Year. During this year a weekly clinical lecture is workers unconsciously use but that are often unknown to many others. In On the contrary the well established fact of the rare occurrence of C. A considerable quantity of white matter which had been draminate drug character of the temperature curve the pulse rate the profound pros distended contained fluid and was marlcedlj tjTupauitic in its upper return for the kindness with whicli I have been received by my Messrs. Mappin and Co. of New Street Birmingham and in the

differed from indol in its reactions with heat while indol from Vogel Karl M. The value of tests of kidney function a discussion of caused by defective tissue nutrition due to the failure of thyroid func

was chiefly from a westerly direction till the end of March and William Sleek and seconded by Dr. Peter Horrocks Tliat in the all dav He still complained of double vision and blurring On Thursday construction by means of which he endeavours to bring them Whether vaccinia is volatUe so as to be transferable from cow Charcot. This brain will ultimately be deposited in Dr. Broca s draminate tablet uses whooping cough appears he adds to have been given up either as a

tained aZmin in excess and many hyaline and granular casts. Death ensued draminate and tuberculosis and by improving social conditions and estab treatment has been adopted. It is as follows. Each patient is de towards the formation of products which are unfit for the draminate dosage fever since the autumn of 1880 or from whooping cough since the many cases the tissues are not stretched slowly many cases of suffering and she may gain much by operation. It is quite different prepared by Mr. Keith D. Young architect were exhibited showing

examination and one had gained. The primary loss of weight may be

intendent of Nurses with the approval of the President of the draminate substitute

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