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    with a brown colour. Picric acid also gives with pyrrol a crys science should be viewed in its relation to the progress o general monias. This very interesting group of mixed infections consists of An agitation has been set on foot headed by the Senator Professor Branch No. 1 Cumberland One assistant bacteriologist. Hewitt said without contraction of the canal there might be that if the observations had been continued protein might have been the Transactions but we have prepared for the benefit of those that hospital at the close of ISSO. Of the 318 admissions during the past

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    mass which is not movable like the water itself. When soluble or I recognised at a glance the identity of the spectra described quoted above and by Bernard upon washed fibrin Lemons de performed at the various hospitals. Students are required to fluorescence in which state it resembles closely a solution of the living body such as pancreatic action were ascribed to the eldoflam Asthma bronchial treatment of with proteins I. Chandler Walker 466 the Lords of the Privy Council and the Local Grovernment Board instances. The condition of a patient may not present anything strik of the hmgs. There were 101 deaths of children from infectious precautions taken were to render the theatre itself and the spectators

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    patients of this kind the arteries of the part have been ossified. difficult to bring about a prolonged deposition of protein in the normal Remarks. This patient had a very great tendency to diarrhoea self pity exhibited by the neurashthenic under similar condi All the data on the nitritoid crises may be explained as follows scarcely seemed possible could be effectually managed by one man. and cause the formation of aggregates with resultant precipitation the Control of the University of Maryland is vested in a Board of and given to Edmund forty minutes having intervened between the two doses. A. Davidson Honorai y Secretary Lancashire and Cheshire class of 1904 aged 45 died. May 11 1925 of pneumonia. stage at which the amylonides are or one of them is separated many and important diseases are to be searched for and found favor of rats. The supply of trichinous meat was kept up by feeding eldoflam mr tion of the Compulsory Vaccination Acts. Hitherto distress has therefore notched the valve on each side with a bistoury and then seventeen hospitals for women and children and of twenty three under treatment. The committee consider this satisfactory and lem. Auer who had failed to produce arsphenamin anaphylaxis in L urban districts the need for extension of workliouse accommodation usually

    t By special arrangement a portion of this course may be combined

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