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Domingo, 17 de Enero de 2010 (GMT) 

    commentary on the Materia Medica of Dioscorides and
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    buried in the earth of the meadows from whence in the wet
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    cases of amoebic dysentery in my wards. Of these came to autopsy. In
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    takes place having a great tendency to decomposition.
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    rapidly in the bones f.. the extremities we found a
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    found a new and useful feature for as far as the com
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    nosis from nephritis hsemoglobinuria laminitis indigestion. Prevention
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    state. Also not in keeping with the latter are the somnolence
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    A complete staff of skilled specialists in co opera
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    smaller towns and country places who cannot call to
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    of long standing encysted it is true and consequently harmless
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    atropine is advocated by Columbel Lyon med. who states that the
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    It appears therefore that it is not possible by determining the abso
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    by the absence of any distinct macroscopical boundary
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    the late and present President of the Academy be the
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    acute infections sliould be treated by specific inoculation.
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    Cucumber Pomatum for softening and cooling the skin. Cla
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    definite disease or to a particular intoxication and treatment
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    with favorable arterial blood gases after CPAP were
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    local effect and not to influence the constitution. Cupping
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    four. There are instances in which the patient dies before purging begins
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    like that which comes from diminishing the cases of phthisis
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    the introduction of the College Annual Aithouhaiuait under the cover

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