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    about four years. When death occurs it is from inanition, the

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    this operation there is not the slightest danger, with the

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    tion of nitrate of silver — these being the symptoms of

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    before he left that country he was living in a mess where there were

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    pap pypta fceolon to penpealpe • elene • japleac *

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    the peristaltic movements of the bowels, in association with these

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    adhesions, slight, however, of the left pleura ; the right entirely free. The

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    Prognosis. — This is dependent upon the associated lesions.

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    ing of infectious diseases and orthopedics. At the same time they have theoretical

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    At 2 p.m. vomited and appeared very weak. Artificial or external circu-

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    as it may seem, its enei-gy may be disprojiortionate to the work

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    bones lias occasionally been noted as puriform in appearance, consisting almost

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    which is received, freer breathing should be permitted by fasting and

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    black pigment. Black pigment may also occur in the crystalline form,

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    when injected in one large dose (exceeding 1 gramme for a rabbit),

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    in such quantities as to have supplanted the cells, being more abundant in

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    required to operate the tube ; what we want is sufficient potential and more

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    entire posterior liorn of one lateral ventricle had

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    The bowels should be moved freely, both by enema and

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    canal, also, was a deposit of soft material underneath the dura mater, and,

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    Physicians are earnestly requested to prescribe in ORIGINAL.

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    of the muscles, which pull upon the bone in its new

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    may be fairly confident that all the different ways in which dissociation

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    filled up, although not to a level with the superficies of the cranium. The

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    By tliis method of examination the case is restored to the category of

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    Report of a Case of Pulmonary Stenosis.— Samuel McC.

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    fossae during a cough, therefore, should not always be attributed to a

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    kee, "the committee appointed to confer with the State Board of Con-

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    the segregation in operation through the marmers and customs

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    (Professor Leishman), have even surpassed their severity

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    *holera from its home in India, and, speaking of preventing an

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    scleroma, and sclerymus, all derived from the Greek word ozxijpos (hard).

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    ration, and then only a few black clots, had occurred, evidently the

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    his notice in 1873. An interesting compfication of partial luxation intervals was

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    as the matter approaches the surface, may be relieved

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    gentile manufacture in their minority." He also urged the establish-

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    to destroy the vitality of the trichina. Smoked ham and German

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    to the bed strap and bed, anklets, wristlets, a muff, and a set of keys,

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    are, on the whole, not degenerating seems to be strong.

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    during half an hour. On awaking, he found his mouth full of clotted blood, which he pulled out; the bleeding had

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    a very suitable nidus for the development of cells from a

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