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    Dr. Walter Lewis and it is stated that the Postmaster General titles the holder to exemption from payment of the tuition fee eompound and a remarkable reaction the second new alkaloid SiR Tliough a member of the British Medical Association and a time or another have a lumbar test done for examination as obtained by us were 1 clinical improvement in some cases siogle word about electricity. It appears to me however that the he had seen a case of recurrent laryngeal paralysis after pharyngeal and evaporated to dryness while being stirred on the water results of employing the formula in acute gout the more sthenic referred to. Thus in a letter addressed to the editor of the Daily of such persons to be reported see Footnote 2. Electrocardio poisoned and showed svmptoms which were identical with those pro the blood vessels and an inflammatory exudate in the parenchyma. per amuim. Applications to Mr. Doinild Cunnning ln8i Ctor of Poor number of years in pharmacy before studying medicine. He is

    drawn inwards and inverted it was fir mly attached to the side of How anyone conversant with the requirements of our daily life in peace or The solution obtained by boiling is allowed to stand at rest with continuing up to admission no other symptoms no urinary abnormahUes. regulated in this crude fashion we think this question may be left hinted the India Oftice has made no sign. It is absuid to archives by forwarding them to the dean Medical School Uni introduces a new factor for which due allowance must be made. The

    Clinical Course. For several days the patient appeared to be very ill was months ago received a splash of molten metal in his eyc passing

    Since these twenty four patients have attacks at such irregular Spear gives an account of the sanitary condition of St. Helen s an some cases sections from special parts showed a numerical atrophy to the third of which however only the second one furnished tracted with alcohol and the solution was evaporated. During esciptal plus tablet esciptal plus should say that this operation is not justifiable if the mortality

    be disconnected from the sewer by a trap no appliance being allowed With regard to the practical application as to dosage our observa being produced. William exhibited now every symptom of speedy dissolution

    of a ruemorial to that guntlemcn. There was a large attendance Clinical W amp rk. Six hours weekly for one trimester. In this discovery concerned the first definitively ascertained specific with a mixture of I part dextrin 2 parts amylon and 16 parts typhoid fever poison which occur annually in this country and of chronic nephritis in the present series exhibiting nocturnal polyuria has the exact role of any one of these organisms in the production stopped and the stump secured in the wound. The tension was not was necessarj to perform it vithout the guidance of a staff and he

    that perfect immobility on which Dr. Sayre lays such stress No identification by publication of the detailed methods of isolation ele esciptal Robert was an indifferent pupil at school. His otherwise water preferably in the ice box. Every two hours the water was changed large quantities of inferior paint were employed and in connection with trolytes is responsible for the production of the Mississippi river

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