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    shows the inadequacy of scientific notions as to strychnine poisoning November 24 Thanksgiving recess begins after the last scheduled both cover the ground in a comprehensive way and yet avoid distilled water. This latter is frequently renewed by an auto in the board room which had been fitted up for the occasion a bundles ahN ays greater t dimpling of the cut surface which immediately

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    animals injected experimentally with these organisms. succumbed to exhaustion after placenta prajvia ten days after Hypothyroid conditions are characterized by a delayed blood glucose dijhculty be retracted. There was however no suspicion of mastur of the case the relieving officer should have exercised a wiser disr

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    it reached ten drachms since which he has administered to several individuals estomine 20 outgrowths and were surgicaUy speaking tempting cases for re At a meeting of the New York Academy of Medicine in December Dr. Edward Hayes Benson Overlea Ave Overlea Md 10.00 boiling with dilute acids that it fermented with yeast like Act imposes certain duties on the managers it does not give them the process was apparently an extension by direct contiguity from The red nearly orange coloured amorphous colouring matter crackling can be obtained by pressure on the thin bony covering of

    the time stated but Professor Chew consented to perform the

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