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    above the left supraorbital region. There was no appar-

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    use, and from accidental injury’ against which the

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    and out of the hospital; also the problem of whether

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    at a dose level of 100 mg. per Kg. intraperitonealhx

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    down, it is believed, the number of pustules, by saline puiga-

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    j extraordinary power to recommend discipline of any

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    on the left side of her throat which had a red granular

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    nothing of the kind here ; the doctor was opposed to any such treatment

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    42. Allen, Edgar : The Menstrual Cycle of the Monkey,

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    Wollstein: Renal neoplasms in young children. Arch. Path,

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    Leaving to specialize. Address Box 252, N. Y. St. Jr. Med.

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    respiratory and circulatory responses to inhalation

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    pliances connected with the various departments ; and upon

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    be thoroughly acquainted with the proper treatment of dis-

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    salaries of personnel, allowances for travel expenses,

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    creasing cancer incidence and mortality. The need of

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    REFERENCES: 1. Kroop, I. G., N. Y. State J. Med. 54:2fi:)9, Oct. 1, 1954. 2. HeflFer, K. T. et al„

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    food might be considered plain food, resulted in marked

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    John W. Ghormley, associate professor of orthopedic

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    reparaole injury." And yet it inpurred, bv the statutes, the penalty re-

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    Pyridium is the registered trade-mark of Nepera Chemical Co.,

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    introduction of the Administration’s reinsurance bill,

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    But however anxious the Trustees and Faculty may be to

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    Army and Navy Medical Bureau. The number of delegates

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    history, it showed itself to be one of ordinary typhoid, and, therefore,

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    has been suggested as a fair amount for depreciation

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    14. White, P. D.: Heart Disease, New York, Macmillan

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    quate facilities already existing in the community for

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    dered B. typhosus free for periods varying from ten

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    had had a reduction of volvulus followed by recurrence

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    made to feel that he shouldn’t ask questions, that

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    of the Roentgenologist was as follows : “There is no

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    guests on this, the second day of the postgraduate series of conferences.

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    hypertensive states originated within tlie ]mst one

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