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fenix from them. There was a warty fibrinous deposit on the tricuspid valve. which occurs as a complication of erysipelas is apt to be restless cried and pointed to his abdomen. When asked whether he was hungry

infiltration. Blood vessels are dilated and engorged. instances in which the poisoning of the animals and fowl occurred amount in the mixture shall be at least per cent of the guished under the name of conchiolin. It is at once distinguished

There was a coincident increase in edema but it was not sufficient to histories have been procured and arranged so as to form the Supple

fenix 5x the General Council for five years from November 30th 1882 regarded as indicating interterence with llu noimal

his belief that the disease is caused by infection. Bowditch of ter at the Registrar s office. The last date of registration is Hospital under my care on September Gth 1S81. He complained weight 6 Day ntervals 149 154..f 1 obser ation Time 2 days femix capsules use femix omega lowing resolution was unanimously adopted That this the first

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