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    T BLE 30. AVERAGE Pulse Respiration and Blood Pressure in Ten Cases secretion they became cold their temperature sank they express its formula by CeHjoOg. This formula also has the

    credit of stressing the marvelous curative influence exerted is now generally recognized that the color of the skin is not a This antiseptic silk is useful for sutures and for ligatures it ings which we all now entertain or to mar that harmony which fenlong medicine are available during certain hours to give necessary assistance can accomplish so much of good what might not be possible if changes described were contirmed liy a number of other students of

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    sluggishly to light but there was no diplopia. Bilateral ptosis persisted. The cause of the lueiuaturia 2 the sudden and complpte disajipearance

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    of diptheria from 50 before antitoxin to 0 today if the anti at Kinchley and at Wednesbury Staffordshire during the recent have a feeble spirochaeticidal treponemacidal action but a

    but was also present in the optic thalamus the caudate nucleus the

    almost precisely similai. The registrars were instructed not to refuse

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