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Domingo, 17 de Enero de 2010 (GMT) 

    Of the sedative class of drugs chloral has been found the most useful;

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    Subfamily 1. Bacillacese. Sporulating rods unalterably cylin-

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    particularly as in one was found a piece of bone from

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    performed by Dr. John C. Warren, of Boston, who not being aware of

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    but proceeds from it indirectly through the movements it gives

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    this may be always ascribed to excessive venous congestion,

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    electricity being passed on either side of the same, but also, and dis-

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    of the scalp. Hair restoratives containing lead are poisonous and

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    delicate stomach and to young children. I found the mixture

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    system ; one who has thus suffered a long time might

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    when once the danger was recognized at Chang-chun, Moukden, and

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    the University of Pennsylvania. A Work on Medical Agen-

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    other person would not be affected by it in any way. It is highly

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    Symptoms. — " Milk sickness usually comes on with

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    indeed, growths which spring up in immense num])ers, and sometimes with

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    good deal of self-feeling. Such patients arc often vain

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    to the form of heat applied, so that an opportunity is given for an

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    Pure air and a cool apartment; the temperature of the sick room,

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    in proportion to water, and a deficiency of fibrine ;

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    A. V. Hippel, of Konigsberg. has succeeded v. Graefe

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    know that whereas these glands are affected in every patient

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    Assistant-Surgeon E. J. Vivian ; Dr. Forbes Watson ; Dr.

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    grows less and less and the higher note of the chordae in-

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    is not materially interfered with by the gastric or

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    and depression, but this feature does not make them circular

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    the physical, chemical, muscular and nervous phenomena, and in the stagnation of tin

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    causes, and that a civilized state has not done its whole

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    the author believes that anesthesia can be produced in this manner as quickly as

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