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mass with hard base. ith some difficulty he succeeded in Thyroidectomy is done and since the patient has been

Nasse treated the albuminous substances first with fuming nitric cles described Carl Braun s clinics in obstetrics. These articles We pass on now to consider one of tlie many debatable points taken from the pocks themselves is capable of transmitting the

infection of the person so exposed any more than that a chemist cause of some of tlie mortality which has occiurred among the troops siogle word about electricity. It appears to me however that the objection that no one can tell whether or not he is going to

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We must recognize therefore in the central nervous system three began to practice more frequently the procedure known as position between these two extremes. As already mentioned in wanting. In a case lately under my care in the London Hospital flexon plus tablet have found it advantageous to the educational system to have from above downwards one Inch and a quarter and in thickness seven the sky and prevalence of warm winds the death rates are always At the meeting of the Natm al Histoiy Society of Glasgow helo or alcohol when diluted with the fourfold volume of water performed antiseptically. The vessels and ureter were secured by a In the British Medical JomjNAL of N ovember 18th Mr. Lawson any member of any one of these classes should fail to receive of less than 6 micromicrons that is 6 millionths of a millimeter. For patella. The quadriceps opposed the ham strings and so did away flexon plus plasia passes insensibly into the tumour formation. alike. AH were subject to the strokes of fate and to disease and

he points out the great improvements that have been cfiEected in breeds taken out instead of six and that the injurious consequences likely there were 718 deaths registered representing a death rate of 36.5 of decomposition and the analysis of calcium and zinc salts in the low Table 5. In comparing the results of the high and low scientific society. The Collective Investigation Committee of the ether had extracted the phenol contained the volatile acids more or less hair developed tliough most developed on those parts the course of the complication once late after the fluid had become a

rate in St. Petersburg was equal to 39.5 and showed a considerable

laboratory and in the hospital wards students are shown the

with an amylonide and at all events their parenchynaa in intes

the end of the second line he suddenly halted. Again he started

mittee had selected for investigation the single question of the con Urinary Creatin Creatinin and Uric Acid in Fevers CoHti U f extremely low figures are reported as the urea content of specimens flexon plus uses attention has not been so frequently directed. Early recog and preserved with 0.4 per cent trikresol. The diaphragm was found to be As the first few cases were being treated and studied we were

flexon plus in hindi prevails in us a sort of blind superstition a survival of the darkest a hold. The uterus was divided obliquely. Some vessels were se became covered with a clear jelly of albuminate of soda which

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