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and Stoddard. Studies on the action of toxins and pro-

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element of nutrition of the animal, mineral, and vegetable kingdoms.

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theria, one was removed before the completion of the

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Premature separation of the normally implanted placenta. —

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The woman of wealth, luxury, ease, pleasure, self-indulgence and

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examined a second time, showing an increase of 300,000 red blood

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mentia senilis, bedingt durch umschriebene starkere Hirnatrophie

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1912-1913; Assistant Physician in charge Dispensary Laboratory, 1913-1914;

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M. D., University of Virginia, 1867 ; Visiting Physician, St. Agnes Hospital, 1894-

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and gums; albumin and casts in urine; no pathological lesions of

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stones, appendicitis, floating kidney, peritonitis or what-not, gastric

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lowing phrases: "24th case suddenly", "23 case remember, case

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tions of the Association of American Physicians, 1916, xxxi;

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In the non-plaque material from elderly subjects dying insane,

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By Dr. Taneyhill : Lectures with illustrative case histories,

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design, and the logical mind of man has ever thus traced a pre-

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months. At this time there was something the matter with her

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John Edward Elmendorf, Jr. New Brunswick, N. J. 606 N. Bdway.

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The introduction, of expert evidence, is especially instructive to

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to visit the homes of tubercular patients and to give instruction

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vous system presumably due to bacillus aerogenes capsulalus, Mooers, V..

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those scenes of luxuriant nature incident to the earlier days of

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