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that might interfere with the continued administration of the other
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— in the scorbutic form with hsemorrhage in a few hours after the well-
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Africa and Asia. We are well aware how difficult it is to discover
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simultaneous formation of miliary tubercles in many parts of
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oblique, a centre one from the upper column of the external abdominal ring, the
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(E.) Le iuiezioni di jodio nelle affezionl
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which the pus may burrow in neglected cases, the alveolar abscess has con-
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The medical treatment of Cleveland M. Gaz.,
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that he had been wide awake at eleven o'clock the previous
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lymphosarcoma, yet there were spots, or vacuoles, which we meet with in the
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Exhibition, has been that just given by Dr. Cobbold on
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Marine Hospital Service at Washington, read a paper
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pillary circulation and organic and nutritive actions, has been
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Many a child's life is saved by an emetic at night,
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time since he came into the hospital. From the time of his admission up
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was sent on his own business into the Trans-Caspian
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and the mucous meml^rane cut with scissors and a piece of
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the so called " bag of waters " As soon as the cervix has
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bearer of the microscope was heated to 25° Centigrade. The
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The chief clinical feature, as given, was a continued fever, which
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development of the skeleton, than any other common dietary article
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The book will be welcomed by the practitioner of gynaeco-
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of the arm in the form of electricity should l>e advised : the anode of a consosl
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Bescbreibung der brasiliaiii.scben I'ieber- iind der Teca-
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internal lining. But for years the practice of this great hos-
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heard of others where the stone has been successfully extracted at a
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little demand for air to meet and decarbonize it. The respiration
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Medicate, of Lyons, and merits the credit of the first scientific descrip-
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should be taught and encouraged to break off at the first feeling of imperfect
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The kindergarten should be a place to educate young children

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