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Temperature between the toes of right ifoot just before and

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groups of nerves physically attuned to them, or organized to

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bacillus represents two distinct micro-organisms. Herter conside

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traction under zygomatic arch in cervical spine injuries.

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When the child's head is well bent to one side, one feels some very

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peritoneal cavity of each of two guinea-pigs weighing between 170

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but there were several circumstances that militated

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and delicacy of women to be attended by persons of their own

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" Laboratory experiments do not always work out in practice

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last year with authority to act and adopt a button. Of that com-

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on slightest attempt to rotate, flex or extend the head; his

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tively). This would indicate that occlusion of substances low in nitro-

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has gone much farther, and just as certain blood-pictures have been accepted as

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at the taxis, joined to the excessive use of purgatives both before and after

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renal calculus may be mistaken for gastric disease. Leube states that

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in early and soon becomes general, so that the abdomen becomes greatly

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into numerous convolutions which add greatly to its extent, and

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tion, stupor, snoring, «fcc. A general effect of exhaustion from loss of blood

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four hours or merely the temperature taken just before the administra-

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Tlius, during the past year, while there were 5,669

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point of occlusion, the fluid escapes into the intestine,

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has been known for more than two-thousand years. Aristotle alluded to the independence

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constitution antl its principal functions as near as possible to the normal stand-

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the disease is no longer progressive, and is widely spread, the employ-

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strychnia, however, as a part of the treatment. The other patient

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