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any localized inflammation. The liver was engorged but not especially

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change into a dark brown color when this transformation

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fugalized. Lastly by diluting one part of serum with nine

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psychotropic drugs has not been evaluated sedative effects may be additive Discon

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and attached to the end of a rubber tube. Beside the antiseptic

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with a nitrogen equilibrium in fact even with the nitrogen retention

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think would be of interest to your peers please submit it

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assiduous administration of tonics and nourishment. The pyrosis has never

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be about one third of all the patients admitted. This frequency

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inner side of the bony process which forms its point and

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mitting however for argument sake that the claim of topical

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following gentleman passed his fu st professional ex

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Dr. Clymer has chosen that classification which every

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some of their peculiarities. It is perhaps even a question whether

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mitted to practise medicine in any capacity under the law.

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five caseis. One of these proved a complete feilure three could

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son Medical College Philadelphia etc. Illustrated with en

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living virulent plague four weeks after the second dose of vaccine.

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hereafter with reference to tho diagnosis of false membranes which are

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ing purpose. Next there is a cuirass with two cham

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STAINES UNION Mrdical officer for the Shepperton District

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permit the dissecting out of the entire sac which was done

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the thyroid was related in which the growth penetrated

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nal is the sheet anchor in the treatment of cholera.

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whilst from the brain as already indicated there arises the nerves

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paroxysm the bowels should be cleaned out with a purgative of

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but the pisiform the articular surface and styloid pro

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