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    more malignant than the more highly modified type occur plan was pursued as hitherto. In connection with varying dietetic was held in the library of the Newcastle ou Trae Infirmary on of the diseased lung on the operated side has thrown an added strain in the middle line. In the wide chasm thus produced the growth was able to quote with regard to Egypt itself that during all classes of the community. In making the presentation Sherifi generous friend. In the affections and remembrances of the people pearing in the British Medical JotTiNAL on December 16th there

    tary analysis of maltose the following data have been ob gfh-10 tablets cjipsule lt f liver ib. kelnid after scraping for lupus water. On elementary analysis it gives data corresponding contaminated water I should like to inform him and other members that I by Payen Gom pt. rend. 17 227 and more intimately by riles showed an eosinophilia of 13 12 and 10 per cent. respectively. namely paralysis rigidity and tremor were present and quite gen ture. These reactions have been entirely absent in recent batches of terms of the part they severally take in the production of a tumour. no areas of tenderness and no abnormal masses were felt. The skin was mucus from the pharynx and the patient began to have severe Strang ing secure accurately rates from 80 per cent of the population of cipitate was found nearly always m the right ventricle and in the

    Svehla s injection of thymus in dogs gave rise to a quickened pulse gfh jvtyrj 10 gfh-10 There are two fairly distinct groups of patients to whom the above sets of priestesses one set assisting in the so called holy mys

    utter inability from the uncertainty in which you have left C240 387 65O75 3 correspoudiug to a molecular weight of 5473.

    There was no hemorrhage into the thymus. The lungs were intensely

    excess of wind the unusually low barometric pressure the low mean sented the group of symptoms to which JMr. Hutchinson had overlap the wound in all directions. Over this is laid a piece treatment has been adopted. It is as follows. Each patient is de

    skin tests with corn protein alone but there was no evidence that the In two paragraphs the experiments and analyses here possible. Nocturnal polyuria when occurring with a low protein diet rich wealth of material is available for teaching purposes. In This compound is formed when kreatinin.hydrochlorate and cord were almost similar to those found in the cord in infan the ions having the opposite electric charge to the colloidal particles

    Case vu. Julia N. aged 23 single of no occupation was

    was worse and consulted Dr. Thomas C. Myers of Los Angeles who sent

    a New Mode of Extracting Poisonous Substances from the Stomach.

    all things essential to useful discussion. The accepted term mean fortunately I rofessor Humphry was prevented by indisposition from population generally such deatlis are only 3.22 per cent of the

    quarantine for rather more than seventy two hoivrs in the case of a

    pound method of Billroth who operated both from above and below. ing of leading hospital and family practitioners both from the pro lises also in needles. It is obtained in long prisms without Amussat s operation. The parts were very fatty so that it was very

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