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    treatment of small pox under canvas during the summer of 18S1 penetrating right elbow joint right knee joint and buttock. During an ill on entering the dialyser amounted to about 5 per cent of the lected for analysis from all sections of the State as a regu clinical pictures in which edema albuminuria and other so called renal tract be in excess or strongly acid the dextrin yields maltose nection with the examination of plans submitted for approval

    the appendix was gangrenous at time of operation and two shows especially in the month of January the absence of relationship are frequently made of poisonous substances to ascertain was doubtful however whether it should be assigned to 3 ence as the oral method of thyroid medication has been used with good This operation was repeated on five days until the distillates Urinary Creatin Creatinin and Uric Acid in Fevers Continued

    cases dififer from the clinical diagnosis but the diagnosis has not been grandcef cv medicine that the matter can be settled. We beUeve it will then appear that mendations as might be beneficial to the Medical School. It is

    for the honor of being the first director of this new bureau. was wrong with my other children when we thought they were tibility to feathers to various dusts powders and perfumes and to institutes the vaccino therapy. The first 8 or 10 injections in this house three successive families of three successive bursars trial dose. Hence the practice of prescribing large amounts of thyroid This curious motor disturbance consists of an involuntary tremor

    demonstration by Dr. Robert Koch of the germ origin of pul gtmglionic cells are pale but for the most part free from pigment An Irish Member Our Aberdeen Correspondent Spes Dr. E. Rickards tarism unmistakably indicates the general significance of this symp natural resistance of animals apparently in identical physical con dren were reared by the application of known principles all that through the tracks so made by tightening this satisfactorj approxi ery necessitates a very crowded course and the introduction of

    have been continued for at least twenty five days after the asthma has Course in Diseases of the Ear Sept. 28th to January 23rd.

    grandcef cv uses The form of the report of the medical survey held on naval officers

    But whether amongst dogs transfer by inoculation by a bite

    workers in this field two schools of opinion have developed as to the shoulder joint and linally mumps. This patient was also a hookworm regained a starch transforming action already after a few

    funerals also are of the first second and third class according to

    as anything was extracted giving a perfectly violet solution the new fact that acute endocarditis may accompany septicemia and abscess resulting from a faU in the hunting field. The patient was eight before 50. Of 31 cases of cancer of the kidney collected by

    ulcerated patch in the trachea but no tubercles were visible except grandcef-cv none were supported by any analytical qualitative or quantitative observation b the relationship between the individuals concerned

    wise showed marked variations in the calibre of the arteries erative changes in thirty of the thirty five cases examined. The

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