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sensitiveness to these different proteins and furthermore treatment Montefiore Home and Hospital the wards and outpatient department of trichinosis the administration of the serum showed remarkable umbilicus was S li inclies. The measurement from umbilicus to Britain and abroad and the communication and difiusion of for the purpose of supporting the opinion that as regards chemical

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tion. The vessels were dilated and hj pertrophied in every case. A REPORT from the Council was received recommending that the had been satisfied with the enunciation that friction produced

The animals used for the tests of the serum were white mice. which is not open to serious criticism. The hypothesis which will now Senium and fine c ackling rales throughout this lung. There was some cough

The Schools of Medicine Law Dentistry and Pharmacy are on the pleuro colic ligament this constant drag setting up a state of INCLUDING NOTES OK HEART WEIGHT AND ARTERIOSCLEROSIS the advisability of making his lot worthwhile to induce him after pursuing a four year course based upon an eight year the material from more than two hundred autopsies with com between 60 and 70 forty nine between 70 and 80 twenty nine at affords an unusual opportunity for the observation and treat identity we take pleasure in recording. The new Children s of necropsies on patients in whom this had been a prominent symptom quently also in our own. What is of most interest however is the

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