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construction. In the common cart and such like, there is a

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these places are unhealthy from the miasma contained in

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perhaps it, at present, is ; but, nevertheless, it is the non-

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of the student is in you the lesson will be there. ^^

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districts, blood-letting and other evacuant measures are, in general, not

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character to be readily affected through the mind; and in which any*

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precipitate, and caustic potassa and lime-water decompose it, tbrowin|

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cid mucilage. No gluten has been found in it. There is

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him to quit them previous to the appearance of the disease;

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the seeds is to be relied on, it is about twelve times as strong as tlie

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mals, after 6 to 12 hours with and LDg^ dose, were pretty sick.

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using it, and have always calculated, with the utmost ccrtaintVt upon ih

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In de/tfcl of the generative function^ M, Trousseau was inclined to

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taneous diseases, we trust very much to it, especially when

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fer excessively from nausea and vomiting, and occasionally with spasm

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riously, in many instances, on the mucous membrane of the air-passagtf«

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entering the cold bath, but without any shivering. This con-

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nine cases out of ten fraudulently sold, but it is not so nu-

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the prevention and cure of disease — these are our

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menta, sive immoderate calidior, sive frigidior, aut siccior

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as in the lungs, is unipaestionable, and the importance of this function of

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tracted acute bronchitis, with a suppurative condition of the mucous

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neys or the skin, according as it is directed to one or to the other, and

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years of age, and he is worn out and obliged to abandon it

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in the rolljipse sometimes attendant upon the cold stage of fevem, there

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into contact with the stomach in an extremely diluted state, and the

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The fijllowing cireumtitiinees are peculiarly favourable to this method

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Young Animals — Veal, Lamb, Chickens, young Birds, and some Fish.

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titioner to find in the same parallel, and within a short dis-

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powder, or cold infusion, while he is walking about and exposed to the

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digestion, and we know that sugared water is one of the

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all beliefs and concepts was the first essential of

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the fact, that in certain cases acetic acid favours the solvent property of

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closets in dwelling houses, although convenient, are not to

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country from the East and West Indies, especially from Ja-

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