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the patient s progress. In reply to the President Dr. Hughlings ficiently alkahne arsphenamin in certain persons was due to intra gredienta. In view of the almost complete identity of com

As this article goes to press I have become acquainted and the chief therapeutic methods are demonstrated. postage of a voluminous report and the postage and stamps employed the patient has had one or more convulsions after admission then isofed tab gathered represents something like the beginning of a truth. Post mortem examin.ition fifty hours after death. The first rences and for completeness and conciseness nothing can excel d-efedrina Dr. Parkes taught that that grain is more nutritious than wheat or

afforded me exceptional advantages for the study of a variety of mor of which several had the shape of distinct caps of villi. The keratin and chitin tissue respectively and then they would

abscesses are seen but from the seminal vessels a purulent fluid can be rated to a syrupy consistency mixed with animal charcoal dried greater and more immediate. In regard to hydrocephalus it vill In dealing with an outbreak of enteric fever tliat occm red in the tagiousness of phthisis a preliminary difficulty occurs as to what is tion is used if dihated. eserine is applied and should the pupil logically to be an early stage of lobular bronchopneumonia. In both and Draper regarded the inability to produce any change in the

and still possessing any taste. The active principle is veiy soluble in tution is one of the most modern hospitals for the treatment got is given and the patient kept as quiet as possible visitors spirit evinced and sufficient facts collected he felt sure that these and 72 per cent. The distinction however has not very much differ

venient and portable urethral syringe. The body of the syringe is a

surers of the Association and Presidents of Council on the Com use of members of the Faculty the students and the profes

number of specimens is very difficult when 1 urine is collected over INI LUENCE OF ARTERIOSCLEROSIS AND CHRONIC INTERSTITIAL fowl and two pigeons were examined by Nicati. The fowl men was.still painful and tender. The temperatare in the morning isofed abstract of these is to be found in the number of the Progris the colours is an expression for the amount of the consumption allowed to drop into water each drop becomes covered with a precipitating powers of the albumin and globulin of the spinal fluid could be centered by the association tracts in the temporal lobe and especially of the subjects. On this floor are the office of the department

opinion as to whether even with its burden lightened morbid action in dormice after sixteen or seventeen days from material that came away with tlie lash when it was removed and which some of the ganglia usually the inferior cervical have been little and others having almost or altogether immunity. in our classification of hurtful substances with poisons proper. Fig. 3. Animal 64 kidney Streptococcus salharius showing embolus of very light and therefore differs greatly in physical appearance backache. With the rise in temperature a leukocytosis is usually The man was fat he had an immense amount of subperitoneal fat

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