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Domingo, 17 de Enero de 2010 (GMT) 

That nitrogenous metabolism in lead poisoning is diminished and

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During visitations of this disease, two-thirds, or three-fourths, or even a

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than usual on account of the complicating condition. There has

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department there is some evidence that it may be due to a reduction of the

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ceeding gradually towards the roots, not to tear ofif

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during the last fifty years. More has been done to develop medicine in

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cases of macroglossia are of this nature. The tongue is greatly enlarged,

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lumen. What, then, is the cause? A common theory is that it is due

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contain also degenerate epithelial cells, fa?cal particles, and phosphatic

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The prognosis in a case of perityphlitic abscess in the iliac fossa is

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pylcyclohexanone introduced under the trade name of hexetone. This

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abdomen, however, is enlarged, distended, often enormously ; and yields all

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in size a good deal, according to the amount of pressure it is subjected to.

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the direction of its growth, to its movement with respiration, and to the

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class and allowed to become pregnant again, unless urine, blood pressure,

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observe facts, and from them form a theory. The other is to form

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so-called acute idiopathic peritonitis is caused most probably by in-

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Fragilitas ossium signifies an abnormal brittleness of the bones; it is

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the brain and spinal cord, with subarachnoid effusion, the diagnosis of

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hepatic dulness in the axillary or scapular line, with perhaps later on

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the jiatient at the time of the dressing, and in no way changing

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Hungarian, Croatian, and Polifli horfes are noted for having

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Vegetius (e) advifes, in order to reduce a difloca-

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