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Mas, genitive not mas-is, but maris. Adeps, genitive not

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But when the root of the lung came under observation, its condi-

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but all, of whatever kind, are useless, if not prejudicial. All irritat-

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Elimination. — Iodoform is eliminated in the form of

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trivial mortality; still, I am certain that in this place, at least, more

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fatal dose, by the month, varies greatly owing to difficulty

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regard any man who allows a patient to die of dyspnaa from pleuritic

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on the part of the nurses is the same, and 1 am sure that tiicru is no

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The amount of labor performed by these men can be appreciated only

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In this case, a large quantity of greenish-yellow fluid, mixed with pus,

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of labor. I have not met with a single instance at home or abroad.

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the death of the mother, or renders her miserable for life. If the

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pupil are divided into two classes : (1) those that contract

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from home without having them on their person. Surely there

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lungs, 179; myopia, 160; disease of heart, 150; hernia, right ingui-

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added nausea and vomiting to such an extent that she was unable to

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Summary. — Alcoliol is externally refrigerant, astringent,

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Ranged around the walls, and projecting longitudinally into tho

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United States, which has recently been sent to certain of these insti-

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with high fever. Pulse 120. Skin peculiarly pungent, hot and dry.

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pression could not be resisted that milk affords a means of treatment of the greatest

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S — drowned, 3 — dysentery-, 2 — typhoid fever, 4 — infantile disease, 4— disease of the kidneys,

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non-development in the horse and ruminant, by reason of

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excellent suggestions for alterations in the present system, as follows :

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employed in connection with diseases of the nose, ear and

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took decided issue with some of his views, and above all, the prac-

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survives the attack for two or three days, large coagula of lymph are

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the kidnej's, with accompanying augmentation of the urinary

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Nux Vomica.— H. & C, dr. 1-2 (gm. 4.-8.). Sh., gr. 20-40 (gm. 1.3-2.6).

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