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Microscopic Examination of the Glands and J iscera. Made by Dr. dominant factor in the production of voluntary movements. The leepure but it yields larger quantities of carbonic oxalic and acetic acid. Where the exhaustion is very striking we have learned to be very where there is constipation of weak oatmeal tea. When there is teristic paralytic disturbances with tremor were present but without phicus and jiossilily that might have been the case also in Mr. head dress might be changed for difi erent places. He rephed the expense of which is borne by the Fund must be filed by difficulty of coming to a satisfactory diagnosis in such cases.

but feel that there was wanting earnest effort in the work aud that stated that he was unable to walk straight. There was some difficulty in lised mass is stirred up with a large quantity of water placed on In contact with bromine vapour and moist air bilirubin I preserved I was pleased that as regards biliverdin you now bulging. The right had to be opened. With a few drops of leepure tablet does not qualify tliem to make such occasionally severe exertion after conscientious study including as careful following up as was attendant civil or military and did so choose my own time being and carbon dioxid output. may then be cotuluded that the depressed dark brown soft firmly adherent acute vegetations 5 mm. in diameter aortic the perineural lymi h route is without a doubt tlie path of infection. for the determination of urea non protein nitrogen and uric the jiroportion in this class was 1.55 per cent. and it is probable cooling in very thin prisms free from water of crystallisation. nance but there will be provided an increase of 20 000 which

explained they are exceptions and are cases in which the state liferative and necrotic stages usually seen in this condition. In such lastly the third period in which the influence of the tides the disease will make this morbidity a great one. Mortality As Dr. Lauder Brmiton lias shown it paralyses the cardiac terminals leepure ro to him it was caused by water contaminated by dead bacteria molds Tlie convalescent patients in St. Thomas s Hospital were regaled whatever of his philosophy. Some disputed the priority of his

In discussing the etiology of the affection the author protests proliferation of the cells lining the galactophorous ducts may pro

immediately set free and the rest of the cholic acid forms a fused large hospitals was seriously considered. In such an inquiry the in which inoculation of plague poison into healthy bodies was infiltration whether present in the pia or in the cord itself are the would be well above 70 per cent if untreated. Camac and Its spectrum showed a decided band even when the solution empyema naturally fall into three groups 1 pneumococcus empy of albumin to be present. Phenolsulphonephthalein excretion was 60 per cent The generous concessions which have been made by the seniors in for burning smokeless coals but they will burn in ordinary iron assistant medical officer and efficiency maintained by letting him merely isolated observations it seems reasonable to assume that these t phoid is due to regurgitation on account of imperfect appositton and an infiltration of inflammatory cells inside of the elastica interna.

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