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    Belladonna acts specially upon the involuntary muscular fibres of the bowels, increasing

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    will suffice to produce murmur. The chief source of important morbid

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    after a time, makes its appearance upon the surface, caused by the accu-

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    night is observed in some cases. The appetite may continue good, or it

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    red, swollen, and very painful. The disease had commenced

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    of the auditors ; in December, 1825, was appointed to the office of

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    the subserous areolar tissue loses its normal firmness and becomes brittle,

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    disturbance. The eruptions on the face, to which it frequentl}^ gives rise,

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    may complicate or follow this affection, especially the effects embraced

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    either by self-limitation of the disease or by h3'gienic measures, but, prac-

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    largely into the cases which the practitioner is called upon to treat, espe-

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    advances in this department of science, constitute the truly great attractions of this book. —

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    a layer of oiled muslin. The spongio-piline is a good substitute for the

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    nervous excitement ; and if not arrested in this stage by appro-

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    and Physiology," in 1&46; a "Valedictory Address to the Gra-

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    these affections, at least with the ability of the s^'stem to resist and over-

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    Kumysgen when prepared for use contains every constituent of

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    These principles have been considered.' Some importance, perhaps, be-

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    '^ 22(2. The quantity of urine now passed in 24 hours was 10

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    probably, a])plies to the diarrhoea which occurs at a late period in cases

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    Hospital, shortly after he had regularly entered on his studies,

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    of measles, motor paralysis follows diphtheria, etc.

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    insufficient cardiac action. It frequently produces con-

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    bite of a rattlesnake. In the same paper, a case is narrated of a

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    pallor with more or less lividit}-, pinching of the nostrils, sinking of the

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    Causes — Congenital and Inherited Predispositions to Disease— Co-operating

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      Levothyroxine Heartburn
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