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diphtheria bacillus is absent. The thorough considera-

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As might be supposed, it is most comnion in summer.

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in the belief that the swelling round tlie femur was due to

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A clinical study of petroleum emulsion was now made equally

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If the State Board of Medical Examiners Having first administered stimulants, and

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causes by which such nervous accidents may be provoked, are

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an examination, — when the patient tells him that the child

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heavy and inconvenient, and liable to be broken. Two

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in th^ first stage, the lung would be found somewhat swollen,

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sides, and in which there were retinal haemorrhages in both

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pharmacy should be taught ; spoke of the legislative enactment which

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Pharmacology; Hygiene and Bacteriology, Pathology; Medicine; Surgery; Gynecology

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conceive to be the rational treatment, of spasmodic cholera. In describ-

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atropine, one -j-i^ of a grain is given three times a day. Of both,

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proof that the sesquicarbouate of ammonia possesses specific powers

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large draughts of milk-warm water. Afterwards drink frequently

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munication between the peritoneal cavity and the outside, wo run the

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They are of greater intensity than the original sensation, the only

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tabulations which Keen has previously made, brings the

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for orthopedic uses, but while waiting for it we may

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from being as simple as that of the rectus externus ; and its paralysis is

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rly from one to another, catching at this and that straw, hoping for

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drugs now escape the hands of the adulterator. Marble-dust and soot

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giving satisfactory proof of a thorough knowledge of the Eng-

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cept of such disabilities as were contracted in the

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ance, even when the blood itself is not abnormally pale. There is, however,

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Professor of Genito-Urinary Surgery in the New York Polyclinic Medical

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are many Indian women who are sterile, who have ante-

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some instances associated with fracture of one or more of the

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perceptible either in the dimensions or (as I am assured by the

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but the unfortunate monarch got steadily worse. His courtiers

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plained as tumor symptoms than otherwise. There is at

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(pityriasis rubra) as stated by Brocq, is yet to be determined.

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