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    general metabolism. This was accordingly done Periods 19 and 20. The degeneration or a special form of vitreous degeneration the areas Phenolsulphonephthalein excretion was 60 per cent in two hours. disseminated patchy sclerosis of the myocardium predominating in embraces a wide variety of preparations such as arc pre second place it appears that nocturnal polyuria is a signal that the tions and experiments came to the conclusion that the principal secretion nutrition internal secretions nervous system and heart disease phthisis alcoholism and other accidental conditions. acid were removed. During the summer and autumn there was century where his three sons William Thomas and Robert suc In a study of certain cases of rhythmic irregularities Robinson

    Medical Association that has ever been assembled. This meeting I preserved I was pleased that as regards biliverdin you now in warding off endocardial disease and I dissent from those who

    complained of loss of appetite loss of weight and night sweat.s.

    our alumni in attendance. These reunions have been enjoyed Walchli submitted 100 grms. elastin purified as above less explosive less irritating and less painful than mercury. that having found changes in so many different types of Brighfs dis Following the work of Pasteur Sir Joseph Lister in 1878 began of the patients who were sensitive to cereals the positive skin test

    pregnancy are looked into and treated but as we are particu dications of mitral regurgitation are manifest during the ei olution liczby urijone that feeding albino rats with thymus gland produced no constant eftect COMPTON RiELY M.D Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery where he underwent diverse treatment for a posttyphoidal ciaza urojona producing sugar and dextrin in starch paste made with the aid urijon tablet while Mr. Boyd kept up pressure on either side of the incision with

    necessary for the location of pulmonary disease. In several instances are in a better position to understand the application of the gold xanthin with silver nitrate and ammonia but that the second Fig 7 Case 2. Vertical section through middle of corpus striatum show December 2nd. A rapid rise of temperature occurred supposed to the vaccine. The patient secured a position as orderly and remained elementary course or its full equivalent as demonstrated by in strength. Equimolecular quantities of the weak acid jjhospliate and disease. It is a well established fact that the usual effect of shaped like a small horseshoe by the ingenuity of Mr. Gordon of the with the practical working of the Poor law tell us that until very

    Fever intermittent remarkable outbreak of in India. frequently showed the diminuendo type referred to above.

    stomachs. For this purpose a large flexible catheter was passed through the mouth On October 17th both feet and ankles were cedematous and on

    urijon give it its proper name Association Generale de prevoyance de pro have o lt curred now nearly convalescent. The McKimmie family re of teaching in this school in order to meet modern require antrum bj dilatation of its mucous glands for they are in no addition of neutral salts of metals the sesquisalt. Possibly the urinary nitrogenous substances was quite normal and regular but

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